Kente Quilt Series

My research mines through and honors a variety of shared and neglected histories in order to visually speak to my contemporary sense of cultural hybridity. As taught through the Adinkra symbol of Sankofa (meaning to return and retrieve it), the interests behind my creative practice stem from an urge to bridge my West African heritage with my African American identity in Western culture.

The crux of my work draws from exploring modes of communication embedded within traditional textiles such as Ghanaian Kente cloth and African American quilts. By integrating my skills in woodworking, print media and other analog processes, my studio practice often incorporates collecting, joining and refining natural or repurposed materials. My wooden kente and quilt works, mixed media installations and prints provide educational opportunities to seek out new points of reference, while preserving layers of African cultural heritage and varying ethnic perspectives.

"Home Away From Home," 2017
Repurposed wood, wood glue, 72"x 96"x 1.25"

Ato ribeiro